Concern Universal, Practical Action, SB Conseil, Aide au Développement Gembloux (ADG), the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC) have formed a Consortium to implement the New Alliance ICT extension challenge Senegal – a new initiative to increase food security for smallholder farmers in Senegal.

The aim of the Consortium is to provide financially sustainable ICT-enabled services to complement other agricultural extension services, using a mix of ICT media approaches. Over the next three years we will implement a phased roll-out of ICT services to support scaled uptake of agriculture technologies in 7 target ecological regions of Senegal. We expect to reach 1.5 million farmers and have a total of 550,000 farmers using ICT enabled services by 2018.

The ICT services to be developed fall into 3 categories:

  1. tools to campaign – raise awareness and promote farmer engagement;
  2. tools to support extension services and
  3. tools to support market access.

TICmbay is the short name we have chosen to refer to this collection of ICT services as well as to the platform we use to manage them. TIC is the French acronym for information and communication technologies (ICT in English) and “mbay” is the word for agriculture in wolof a Senegalese language